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imageMEDIA is located in Tarpon Springs, a thriving community on the west coast of Florida known for it’s rich history in sponge diving. This convenient central Florida location makes us the perfect choice for your Philadelphia printing, direct mail and digital advertising needs.

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Brochure Design Tips for Philadelphia Printing

Finding the right Philadelphia printing company is important. Some people like to say that print is dead, but to anyone who markets locally, this is the farthest thing from the truth. Sure, any successful campaign is probably going to have a significant online component, but without print media to go along with it, just about any local marketing campaign is going to be dead in the water.

Here are three tips for making the most of a Philadelphia printing campaign.

Namedrop the Hotspots of the City

One of the best ways to get close to the reader is to prove that the writer is familiar with the city. Intimately familiar, not just touristy familiar. Anyone can write about the Liberty Bell, but it takes a local to tell readers where they can get the best cheese steak in town.

Use Bold Designs

A page of text doesn’t look like much for a Philadelphia printing campaign. When producing fliers and posters, it’s important to create something that is visually striking so that people who get their hands on the print media don’t just toss it right in the trash. Clean, bold, eye-catching design is just as important in a Philadelphia printing campaign as it is on a website.

Create Catchy Slogans

The best slogans to put on fliers and posters are those two, three and four word slogans that can be read from across the room. Don’t ask the reader to really think about it, just use short, emotionally provocative and catchy sentences. Starting off a flier to save electricity with “Don’t Waste Power!” is a lot more gripping than “Here are a half a dozen reasons why it’s smarter to turn the TV off when leaving the house.” Short-but-sweet is the best approach when writing fliers, brochures and posters for marketing.

Selecting Black and White vs. Color Printing

For fliers, nobody really needs glossy, full color printing. Black and white actually tends to look cleaner and crisper on basic printing paper than full color, anyways. Brochures often look a little more professional in color, though, while posters can go either way. It really depends on the project, though. A punk rock poster printed on cheap paper in black and white looks a lot better than the same if it’s advertising an upscale symphonic performance. A black and white foldout makes a great menu for a small cafe, while those eating at a fancy restaurant may expect a full color spread.

Knowing what you want is the most important factor in getting the printing that’s needed. Make some notes and have a clear goal in mind before calling the printer.

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Philadelphia Local Digital Advertising

In addition to printing and direct mail marketing, imageMEDIA can help you reach more Philadelphia customers with local digital advertising and online banner ads. Now your business can deliver affordable Philadelphia digital advertising to customers on premium websites like Fox News, ESPN, Facebook and more — on any device.

Nurture interest with retargeting and deliver online banner ads to customers that have visited your website. Reach new customers in Philadelphia online with digital advertising by targeting interests and demographics using the same data as Fortune 500 companies.

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People walk out to their mailbox and spend countless hours online every day. We make sure you never miss an opportunity to reach new customers by delivering your Philadelphia direct mail marketing and local digital advertising to the right customer at just the right time.

Contact us and learn more about why imageMedia is the perfect partner for all of your local Philadelphia printing, direct mail and digital advertising needs.

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