Direct Mail Builds Business

Marketing is the passion of our company so we concentrate our efforts in maximizing the return on marketing investment of our clients. 

Our mailing department runs 4 Secap Jet1 inkjetters in tandem at a rate of 120,000 4″x6″ postcards an hour!

If you need postcards printed and mailed in a hurry, imageMEDIA is your answer. 



Direct Mail Services: We make direct mail easy.


Direct Mail doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or confusing. Whether you need us to print and mail your postcard for the lowest price, or create a full package including everything from design to postage, our consultants can help.

Don’t pay retail for postage.

Paying retail for your postage is unnecessary. By mailing your postcards through, we can save you as much as 75% off the cost of a stamp.

The post office gives us postage discounts for cleaning your mailing list, barcoding (automating) the mail, and presorting your addresses. Not only do you save money, but it results in less work for you and higher mail deliverability.


Mail Pricing:

We offer a simple price of 4 cents per mailed card that includes all services except postage. *minimum of $125

What you get for 4 pennies per postcard:

  • Presorting of your mailing list
  • Address correction (CASS/DPV) and validation to ensure lowest postage rates
  • Inkjet labeling and barcoding for faster USPS processing and deeper postage discounts
  • Use of our permit and delivery to the post office
  • PLUS+++
    • Free mail consultation with a direct mail expert. ($125 Value)
    • Free artwork file review, to ensure that your artwork is designed to receive the lowest postage rate ($49 value)
    • Free Move Updating (NCOA) of your mailing list to ensure you mail to the right people the first time ($125 value)
    • Free Drop Ship Preparation when applicable (Get your mail there faster for less) ($49 value)
    • Our Direct Mail Guarantee (Priceless!)


Our guarantee, in writing, to all of our customers:

We guarantee to save you more than our mailing services cost or we’ll address it for free. 
*This guarantee applies to mailing jobs that are over our $125 minimum.


First Class vs. Standard

The major difference between first class and standard mail is the delivery transit time. First Class mail generally delivers in 1-4 business days depending on where you are located and Standard mail delivers anywhere from 4-12 days. If you have a time sensitive postcard, we don’t recommend standard mail under most circumstances. The post office will delay standard mail delivery depending on their workload and this is especially evident during holiday seasons. Their first priority is First Class. Another important factor in deciding between standard and First Class mail is returned postcards. Standard mail does not get forwarded back to you if the recipient does not live at the address. Undeliverable standard mail is thrown away unless requested otherwise.


Mailing Services We Provide

  • Presorting
  • Addressing/Barcoding
  • Data Hygeine/Database Management
  • Envelope Inserting up to 9″x12″
  • Banding/Collating
  • Live Stamping & Metering
  • Wafer Seal/Tabbing (Clear, White or Perforated)
  • Hand Inserting/Assembling/Kitting
  • Variable/Personalization/Mail Merge
  • Lasering
  • Palletizing/Co-Mingling

Other Mailing Services:

Addressing & Presorting, NCOA,Output and Delivery to post office
$40 per 1000
Additional list processing/merging (per list)
$25 per list (first list free)
Reprocess mailing list after the first sort
Remove duplicate records
No Charge (On Request)
Copy of processed mailing list (requested after order processed)
Specialty custom processing services
$60 per hour
Variable Data Template Creation
$60 per hour
Live Stamping
$50 per 1000 ($50 min.)
Tabbing (1 or 2 Tabs)
$30 per 1000 ($49 minimum)
Apply Scratch-Off Stickers
$40 per 1000 ($40 minimum)
Inkjet return address, Permit, or Strike-Out Permit
$20 per 1000 ($25 min.)
Apply pre-cancelled or live stamps
$50 per 1000 ($50 min.)
Inserting into #10 envelope and seal
$50 per 1000 ($49 min.)
Insert additional card into #10 envelope
$10 per 1000 ($10 min.)
Multiple Drops of same list
$25 per drop
Manual/Hand insert cards into envelopes and seal
$80 per 1000 ($80 min.)