1. What are your normal turnaround times?Offset Printing:
    Standard turnaround for offset printing (true ink on paper) is 3-5 business days, however some special finishing options add extra time to the turnaround. We are able to expedite jobs with a 24-48 hour rush for an additional cost. Our offset turnaround is an estimate and not a guarantee. While we make every effort to turn around our offset orders on time, outside conditions such as humidity, weather, acts of god, and equipment malfunction may delay jobs. In the event we do not ship a job for which you paid a RUSH fee, we will refund your rush fee and give you a 10% credit off of a future order with imageMEDIA.com.
    Turnaround times do not include: design time and additional services such as Die-Cutting, Folding, Scoring, or other post press finishing processes. Turnaround time is counted by business days.If you have a special need or request, please contact us at 866.885.4468

    Digital Printing:
    Turnaround for most digital products is 2-3 days. This does not include custom paper orders, or post press finishing. With our digital services we are able to provide 24 hour and same day print and ship rush services.

  2. What is the minimum order?
    With our digital printing services the minimum order is 100 cards. Our offset printing minimum is 1250 pieces. Direct Mail minimum to receive postage discounts from the post office is 250 for “standard class” and 500 for “first class”.

  3. Do prices include full color?
    We are a full color print shop. Every job we print is full color. With our digital press you can receive a discount for printing only 1 sided, however we run all offset jobs 4/4 (Full Color Both Sides).;

  4. Can you print PMS colors?
    We can print Pantone/PMS/Spot Colors for an additional $200 per color, per side. There is no charge for Ink/Setup/Plates.
    Our Xerox digital press is unable to print PMS colors, although there is a close conversion using it’s CREO rip.

  5. Should I put a border on my art? 
    With ALL designed material we recommend you leave 1/4″ (0.25″) from all edges of your printed piece. If you leave less than 1/4″ (0.25″), we cannot be held responsible for unequal borders from top to bottom and from side to side. This is due to the final cutting process in which some “draw” or “slippage” may occur. This is a print industry standard.

  6. What is a bleed? How much should I have?
    A bleed is extra area outside of your document that is trimmed off to insure proper cuts. In simple terms – your background should go an 8th of an inch (0.125”) beyond the final cut size. For example, if you have a 4×6 – you should design your piece as 4×6, but have your background extend 0.125″ on all sides. The piece you submit to us should be 4.25″x6.25″

    WE REQUIRE BLEEDS ON ALL JOBS. No Exceptions or you risk your job being miscut. Although our cutting staff is extremely precise, we cannot guarantee any print job cuts without the proper bleed.There are no exceptions! Also, please keep your text at least 1/4″ (0.25”) away from the edge of the piece, unless it is an eighth page or smaller. This way your text is in a “safe” area. If you have any questions regarding this policy you may call us, or use our design templates located on our website.

  7. What should my files resolution be?
    All file formats must have bitmap resolutions of 300dpi/ppi with embedded or outlined fonts.

  8. What type of files do you accept?
    We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .JPG, and .PDF. We will accept other file formats for an additional charge. However, you can easily convert most files into an industry standard format with a few easy steps! If you are unsure about your file format, give us a call and we will help!

  9. Can I resize my 72dpi artwork to 300dpi?
    Unfortunately, you cannot increase your resolution for a design that has been created low resolution. The output will be blurry or grainy, and at times, unreadable. The only solution is to redesign your piece at the correct resolution. If you have any questions, call us today and someone from our Art department will help explain in detail.

  10. What are the benefits of using our company?
    Some of the benefits of our printing company24 Hour Rush Available

    • UV or Aqueous finishings.
    • Extensive Direct Mailing Services
    • Secure Online Order Placement / Job Tracking

  11. What quantities do you print?
    We print quantities as low as 100 and as high as a million plus! Anything not listed on our website can be custom quoted, call us or use the easy custom quote form on our website.

  12. Where Are You Located?
    We are located in Tampa & Tarpon Springs, FL.

  13. What is UV, AQ and UV1?
    UV and AQ are abbreviations for the kinds of coatings we offer. Here are some of the core differences and applications:AQ (Aqueous Coating)is a water based finish that helps protect your job as it is being printed. This is our standard gloss coating, which we use to give our customers a better product than our competition. Also, Aqueous coating helps us achieve our lightning fast turnaround, because it is on press and allows the inks to dry quicker. It is recyclable and environmentally safe.

    UV (Ultraviolet Coating)is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. UV coating gives more protection and sheen than either varnish or aqueous coating. Since it is cured with light and not heat, no solvents enter the atmosphere. However, it is more difficult to recycle than the other coatings. This coating is the “laminate style” coating that you see on ultra high gloss magazine covers. It is a second process, which takes place after the run has been printed, though prior to it being cut. This coating adds more time to the printing process. UV1 indicates that the final piece is UV coated on one side only.

  14. What Specialty Services Do You Provide?
    We provide a multitude of bindery and finishing services.Folding

    • Scoring
    • Perforations
    • Sequential Numbering
    • 5th & 6th Colors
    • Saddle Stitching
    • Glueing
    • Custom Die-Cutting and Die Creation
    • Rounded Corners
    • UV Coating
    • Satin Aqueous Coating
    • Standard Aqueous Coating
    • and more! If you have a special request, just give us a call

  15. What is Gang-Run Printing?
    Gang-Run printing is the process of printing multiple orders on the same press run. By “ganging” orders we can offer substantially discounted prices. One of the pitfalls of Gang-Run printing is that we relinquish the control of individual piece color to compensate for the entire run. This does not mean your colors will be drastically different – the Gang-Run industry standard practice is to accept an overall pleasing color, which is 90%-95% accurate to the image. Because of limitations with the Gang-Run printing process, the differences in equipment, paper, and neighboring image ink requirements – the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. By placing an order with our company you agree to this limitation.

    This is an industry-wide standard. Our competitors follow the same guidelines.