Post Office Turnaround

This map provides an ESTIMATE of how long it will take for your piece to go from the postoffice in Tampa to your state. This is only an ESTIMATE. We have seen jobs arrive in less and longer time. Please use this tool as an ESTIMATE only.

USPS Turnaround

Scheduling and Turnaround

All Print jobs with Mailing Services will add 2-3 business day to the posted printing Turn-Around Times. We require at least 2-3 days for job processing of mailing services starting from the day we receive your mailing (data) list and after the piece is in the mail department.

We cannot mail your job without rush fees if you do not provide your mailing list 4 business days from the requested mailing date. This allows us processing time to ensure your piece is mailed without any issues. In the event your print or mail schedule changes, please inform us immediately; we will make every effort to accommodate the revision. This does not include the turnaround the USPS takes after we drop the mail off at the post office. Please see below map for estimate on delivery from postoffice to your state.

Delivery Timing

If you are mailing a time dated piece, be sure to include requested delivery date when placing your order. Standard (Bulk, 3rd Class) is the most cost effective way to deliver your mailer; however, will take longer than First Class, if your mailer is a time sensitive piece, you may want to consider First Class.

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