Direct mail is a highly effective tool for promotion of your goods and services, but do you know what’s even better? Direct mail with sales incentives that your customers can act on immediately.

A sales incentive is a great rationale for your potential customers to respond to your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). This means that the response rate of your campaign is sure to jump if you include such an incentive. Make sure to craft a simple but appropriate and timely gift or discount. This will make it even more effective.Offering an incentive along with your targeted postcard is what can make or break your direct marketing campaign. Sending information about your location, services and new openings is the necessary basis, but people need a stronger reason to get out of their slippers and come over to your business.

Don’t forget that the visual formatting of your postcard is also important for the pulling power of your campaign. You can choose a great postcard template or have one designed especially for you.

Read on for some helpful tips on potential incentives.

Discount coupons

You should keep a few details in mind when preparing your discount coupons. Make sure to check your competitors’ discounts and offer a bit more. You don’t need to overdo it – sometimes even a 10% discount is enough.

A good tip is to offer bigger discounts if customers make a larger purchase. This will give them an incentive to spend more on your goods and services in order to receive even more.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour is a potential incentive for EDDM campaigns

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour is an incentive that restaurants, cafes, bars and any other food and drink places can benefit greatly from. It combines benefits for everybody involved.

For the restaurant owner, this is a great opportunity to use the slow times and offer meals and drinks at discount prices. This will ensure a steady flow of customers throughout the day. The benefit for the customer is clear – the same quality of food and drinks, at a cheaper price. The result is clearly mutually enriching.


Giveaways are bound to bring more people to your shop, restaurant or service. Your gift does not need to be huge to impress your potential customers. It can be as simple as a free lecture, a free appetizer or drink, or a free additional gift when they buy two.

Only including the word “free” is bound to catch more eyes on your postcard. Then it’s a matter of choosing the right giveaway for the right audience. This will naturally hook your potential customers to visit your store or office.

5 effective incentive ideas

  • Add extra goods or services if people purchase by a fixed deadline
  • Offer special support after the purchase or the service delivery
  • Offer free trials of your goods or services
  • Tease with quantity discounts for larger purchases
  • Create a simple rewards scheme that will keep them coming for more

These are some of the possible incentives you can offer with your direct mail campaign. But, really – possibilities are endless. Just unleash your creative business flair, and more customers are bound to notice your company because of your appropriate and generous offers.