As this seems to be the appropriate month for it, this is inaugural blog for imageMEDIA’s IT department. We are the group that provides the computing, Internet and related technical solutions and support. Many of the tools, including nearly the whole of the web site, are created in house. While much of what we create is for you, one could also say that every other department within the organization is our customer as well. Getting feedback from them is relatively straightforward usually, and we do much to help them assist you as best as possible. However, we are separated from our most important customer, you, by too many layers.

With this blog, we hope to bridge that gulf. Particularly, we want to share with you the many tools that we’ve created and continue to create; to share our reasoning and understanding of the problems we try to solve. Of course, what we hope to create is a dialog that allows us to get your insights. And while it would be nice for you to stroke our egos … what are you waiting for, no time like the present? … we also are anxious to find out when we make mistakes.

In addition, we’re going to use this forum to announce many of the changes that we make to the web site. This includes new features as well as corrections or updates to existing services. We’ll also address concerns that are shared with us and we look forward to any questions, concerns or comments you may have.

So Happy New Year and stay tuned for new articles and updates!

imageMEDIA IT Department