The United States Postal Service now requires users of their Every Door Direct Mail program to go through a lengthy web log in process before being able to obtain counts of potential recipients. The EDDM Retail programs allows retail stores to send bulk mail to every residence in a given area without having to compile an address list. Unfortunately, this cumbersome new requirement removes a large part of the convenience of the EDDM program.

The popular EDDM Retail program lets businesses send mail in their immediate area in a simple and affordable fashion. Under EDDM, they can send up to 5000 pieces of mail at a time as long as each piece is flat and does not exceed 3.3 ounces in weight. The mail goes to every mailbox in the selected area without having to be specifically addressed.

Every Door Direct Mail program users can select blocks of recipients for their mail in a number of ways. They can specify an entire city or an entire zip code. Alternately, mailers can select a certain radius around their business to receive their EDDM piece. Users of the program can also choose whether their mailing should go to residences, businesses or both.

To figure out how many pieces will go out under a certain criteria, businesspeople now have to register for an account with the Postal Service’s web based system. This is an arduous process as evidenced by the densely written 15 page “quick start” guide that the Post Office provides. In fact, doing something as simple as getting a user name and password requires clicking through seven different screens, many of which are confusing. To successfully log in to the system, users will also need their Customer Registration Identification (CRID) number.

Given the complexity of this system, many business owners are getting turned off from the very valuable EDDM Retail mail system. imageMEDIA has experts on staff who can not only help businesses walk through the process of selecting an area, but can also format their mailings to meet the Postal Service’s requirements, print out the pieces, and even pre-fill out Form 3587, which is required. They even run demographic maps to help their clients understand exactly who is in the area so that they can more effectively target them. imageMEDIA makes Every Door Direct Mail not only affordable but easy.

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