KOKO Apres Chanel New Years Eve 2010

You would be amazed how many people still haven’t planned their New Year’s Eve, although it’s already the middle of December.

If you are a restaurant owner, the New Year celebration is a great opportunity to offer a last minute reservation option to your potential customers. Surely, the end of the year holidays are a very lucrative time for all kinds of sales and services anyway, including restaurants. Still, it’s very important to offer the right thing at the right moment – and in the right way.

How do you pump up the hype about your restaurant’s last minute reservations? As we are already well into December, it’s too late for elaborate marketing campaigns or advertising strategies.

There is a great quick and effective alternative, and it’s called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). With EDDM, you can have your special promotion created, targeted and distributed on over-sized postcards in no time and with minimum effort on your part. Then you can calmly focus on your holiday preparations.

How does it work?

The mailbox is the best place for your brochures ——– beautyredefined. / Flickr / CC BY

Spreading the word about the last minute reservation option at your restaurant for New Year’s Eve can be done in a smart and seamless way with imageMedia’s Direct Mail marketing services. From concept to delivery into your client’s hands, all is taken care of.

You will have to decide what information you would like to include on your postcard or brochures and then choose an appropriate design online. You can select one from the templates or use our professional in-house design services for a unique piece.

In terms of copywriting, make sure it is short and punchy – then your point will easily get across. Focus on promoting your special offer for the New Year’s party, and especially on the last minute reservation option that will lure many.

And the extras?

Dining out in December
What could be better than a New Year’s party in your restaurant? — yooperann / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

Above, you saw the basics about the EDDM service – but there are also extras offered by imageMEDIA.

The most beneficial tool you can use in targeting your Postcards to the right audience is the online mailing list solution. You can choose between consumer, business or home owner lists, and you can further specify your selection on the basis of various demographic criteria. That’s how you can make sure that the information about your restaurant’s New Year’s party offer will reach the right people.

Effective targeting is complemented by proper analysis of your print campaigns subsequently. You can use additional services such as tracking, analysis and reporting to check the reach of your brochures. This can tell you a lot about your potential consumers, which can be of great value for the New Year’s occasion, but also for any other special promotions you are planning.

Promoting the great option for last minute reservations for your New Year’s party is easier than you thought. It’s just a matter of pressing the right buttons – and reaching out to the right pool of potential customers who would be delighted with your offer. That’s what EDDM is there for.