Good Morning!  For the inaugural posting of imageMEDIA Political blog we could think of no better day to kick-off as all that is left to do today is finish counting the votes, congratulate the winners, consol the losers, cure your hangover and look forward to the next round of election battles where imageMEDIA will once again help propel candidates to victory with our Political Printing and Marketing Services!  So how did we do, let’s say this….. if our election victory percentage was a MLB batting average we would be the greatest hitter of all time (.750).  Yep, you read that right 75% of the candidates we provided political printing and marketing materials for won their elections.  We would like to provide special recognition to a few of the local candidates we provided direct mail postcards, rack cards, and yard signs for who won their Tampa Bay area elections:

  • Peter Nehr, State Representative, District 48 with 61.48% of the vote
  • Jeff Brandes, State Representative, District 52 with 51.21% of the vote
  • Darryl Rouson, State Representative, District 55 with just under 100% of the vote

To see the results of the Florida races, checkout Florida Election Watch where you can get up to the minute results all the Federal, State, District and Judicial 2010 elections.

On a national level, predicted for the U.S. Senate a pickup of 8-seats for the Republicans and for the U.S. House of Representatives a 64-seat pickup for the Republicans.   As of 5:00am this morning the Republicans secured 6-seats in the Senate and 60-seats in the House with a few races still to be determined.   Stay tuned for more postings as we see what this shift in power does for a national economy that is sorely in need of help!  So take a nap today and dream of job creation, lower taxes, and a less intrusive federal government.  Til next posting….

Your humble scribe,

Steve Wilbur