They say one picture speaks a thousand words. So how many words does a photo mosaic speak? 10,000? One million?

A photo mosaic is, essentially, one large photo (the source image) made up of hundreds of smaller photos. It’s an incredibly cool concept and imageMEDIA is proud to announce photo mosaic posters are now part of our catalog.
photo mosaic example
You know all those photos you took while dating your spouse? Like the ones from your first camping trip together or the time you went to that little bed and breakfast in Maine? Grab those and use your favorite shot of your child for the source photo. You’ll have a meaningful mosaic showing all those little moments making up the most important thing of all.

Or maybe you have boxes of old family photos dating back generations. Take your most recent family portrait for the source image, scan your ancestral photos into your computer and let us turn them into a photo mosaic.

Photo mosaic posters aren’t just for families…businesses can use them too. Your employees are an essential part of your company and consumers like knowing they are supporting a business which cares about their people. Put many faces to your company by taking pictures of your employees and using them to make up your company logo.

We offer 4 sizes of vivid, full color photo mosaic posters. All you have to do is provide us with one source image and at least 30 pictures to create the mosaic and we will design it FOR FREE. Your photo mosaic poster will be printed on Premium Epson Glossy Photo Paper, using the highest grade Epson inks.

Order a photo mosaic today and see just how many words you can find.