With Every Door Direct Mail, there’s no need to buy costly mailing lists. The USPS will allow you to select your target customers using their innovative map tool and give you the route information free of charge. Your EDDM mailings will be printed to “Postal Customer” and sent to the postal routes of your choice. You select where your mailings are sent, and you’ll still get the same great printing services from imageMEDIA when you use the Every Door Direct Mail program.

No More Mailing Lists with EDDM

Eye-Catching Every Door Direct Mail Pieces

In fact, your EDDM mailings will be sent on glossy paper that’s three times the size of a postcard. These attractive, larger cards are sure to get noticed among ordinary-sized items on matte paper. Besides their eye-catching appearance, Every Door Direct Mail items cost nine cents less than a standard postcard. Even if your direct mail campaign is small, the savings on card stock alone will really add up when you use EDDM.

EDDM Savings

The Every Door Direct Mail service offers yet another big opportunity for savings. When you sign up for EDDM, the U.S. Postal Service will waive its regular $450 postage permit fee. With so many ways to save, the Every Door Direct Mail program is a boon to any business.

Every Door Direct Mail Services for All Businesses

EDDM is perfect for both large and small companies. Every Door Direct Mail lets local spas, restaurants and other service-oriented businesses home in on residences in the immediate area. EDDM is even ideal for national businesses looking to attract customers to new locations in a specific area.

EDDM Convenience

Every Door Direct Mail is also incredibly convenient. We’ll help you get started with EDDM, from choosing routes to obtaining proper documentation and downloading your EDDM bundle I.D. labels. We’ll process your Every Door Direct Mail paperwork, prepare your EDDM pieces and send them to you. All that’s left for you to do is take your Every Door Direct Mail to the post office.

Overall Every Door Direct Mail Benefits

With Every Door Direct Mail, you’ll save more than money and time. The efficiency and convenience of EDDM make it easy to direct your marketing efforts to exactly the right households.