How an effective EDDM campaign can help your business and your local clients

Aerobics at the gym
Aerobics at the gym —— inspiredhomefitness / Flickr / CC BY

The end of each year is often filled with guilt and disappointment because of the various unaccomplished plans and unrealized dreams. That’s why people tend to make New Year’s resolutions, year after year. This holiday season you can actually help your neighbors make one of their decisions a reality – getting fit and healthier.

Your gym can be the perfect solution for many local residents looking for an accessible and easy way to stay fit and get healthier in the New Year. On top of that, the great momentum of the resolutions can be the great boost your business needs as well. What more to wish for?

If you are wondering how to benefit from this opportunity, you should consider using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). It’s the most efficient way to reach out to your local community with great gym offers.

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM allows you to saturate or blanket the area around your business with an oversized mail piece such as a 6.25×11 full color postcard.  The best thing about EDDM is that you can pick and choose USPS carrier routes around your business and send them for half the postage amount of standard targeted direct mail piece!   The other benefits are that you do not have to purchase a mailing list or permit.

In addition to sending them appetizing offers via giant postcards, you should consider how to motivate them to fulfill their resolutions. That’s why it’s a good idea to tap into a psychological approach.


sparkieblues / / CC BY-NC-ND

Everybody knows the package is often half the present. The same goes for promotional materials. If you want your EDDM gym campaign to work well, think about a good visual way to present your points. It should be something that people want to keep on their kitchen table or in their bags and not throw out immediately in the bin.

Keep in mind that the placement of the text is crucial for the way the information will be perceived by your readers. Appealing visuals are also key to the effectiveness of the postcard.

When you are preparing your EDDM campaign, you can choose from online ready-made designs or use the services of expert designers that will craft a unique postcard for you.


Most people find losing weight, staying fit and living a healthy life a challenge. That’s why all the New Year’s resolutions exist.

If you’d like to have real success with your holiday fitness EDDM campaign, you need to address people’s most difficult goals.

It’s a good idea to include motivational quotes for the New Year, but they won’t do it alone. You need to underline the benefits of your gym’s proximity to their homes. After all, people are busy and need to juggle many priorities. Although exercise is extremely important for their well-being, it’s not their favorite activity. However, if the location is super-convenient and the conditions are good, the likelihood is that they will give their best to frequent your gym.

You can also include helpful tips on how to make health and fitness plans. Advice on being realistic with fitness goals, tracking progress and finding new ways to motivate oneself is always wanted. People need to be reminded constantly why it is so important to exercise.


New Year's ResolutionWhat better moment to promote your gym but the first weeks of the New Year?

Think about the follow-up as well. The motivational effect of New Year’s resolutions usually wears off by mid-February. Why not remind your neighborhood about the great benefits that your gym offers at that point? The holidays have weighed heavily on the figure, but people still have the impetus of their resolutions. That’s the perfect moment to offer them an affordable, convenient and practical solution for their wish for health and fitness. A promotional gym card can also be a great late Christmas gift.

Gym owners also have New Year’s resolutions. If yours is to start your new business year up high, then choose a cool, timely and well-targeted EDDM campaign.