We have listened! A much customer-requested feature, free file check, has been launched today.

What does this mean? Good news for you, more work for us!

You can now send your files to our prepress department and they will check if they meet our requirements. For FREE! Requesting a free file check is easy, just fill out some quick simple information, select your files for uploading, and make the request.

FREE File Check Features

  • FREE size check
  • FREE mailable area check
  • FREE color check
  • FREE bleed check
  • FREE trim line check
  • FREE indicia check
  • FREE file format check
  • FREE compatibility check

  • FREE Real Person Prepress Support
  • FREE analysis
  • FREE access to solutions, tools and advice
  • FREE

FREE Proofs before you pay!

The most common request from our customers is to be able to see proofs before placing an order. Now it’s possible! Just send your files in, receive a free file check, and see proofs before placing an order. Our customer service agents can even help you place the right order to go with the right files.

FREE file check under your account

A new “FREE FILE CHECK REQUESTS” area under your account is now visible and it gives you quick access to your requests and their status. Free file check status is updated live, as our prepress team performs their preflight checks.

You can view the status of each ticket, review our prepress and customer service notes regarding the files you submitted, request a new free file check, and more!

Our prepress preflight team checks every file, one at a time, and prepares proofs and detailed reports.

FREE File Check Proofs

If your files pass our preflight checks, or if you request them explicitly, soft proofs will be available for you to review. Most files also receive a detailed professional prepress report with color calibration bars and other technical information.

Avoid Bad Prints! Print with Confidence!

We help you weed out those pesky technicalities so you can rest assured your files will print the right way every time. We will even match your file with the best available product, for maximum impact of your campaign.

Just let us understand what you need, we’ll help you achieve your goals.