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With an EDDM campaign, your promotional postcards reach all mailboxes in a targeted area. -- Image Source: Free Digital Photos

Are you looking for an effective way to reach a local community with your marketing campaign? Would you like to have a high return on your investment? And do you also want to save time and money while targeting customers in an easy way? An Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign might be just the right thing for your business.

EDDM is a postal service, from which every business can benefit, especially small and medium-sized companies. With EDDM promotional postcards are sent to every mailbox on a postal route, which gives great local targeting. You can reach out to a whole city, a certain perimeter around your business location, to a zip code, or individual carrier routes of your choice. This means you can operate on any scale you need – be it large or small.

If you’re still wondering whether EDDM is the right tool for your marketing campaign, just ask yourself the three important questions we have prepared below. They will give you a clear idea in what kinds of cases and how EDDM can be really useful for promoting business.

#1 Is your business new?

If yes, the low cost of an EDDM campaign will surely make it an attractive choice for your your marketing toolbox.

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If you are just starting your new business, EDDM is a great way to tell the neighborhood about your opening.

A budding business needs to raise its voice and be heard if it want to develop rapidly. If you’re just starting your gourmet restaurant, or you are opening a new grocery store or ice cream parlor in a new location, EDDM is a great solution for your marketing campaign. You won’t need huge financial resources for it, but you will be able to inform many potential customers of your products or services. EDDM is perfect to advertise your grand opening!

#2 Is your business local?

Some businesses function in a way that makes highly focused targeting a must. From small local businesses to bigger companies that simply need to reach a local community, the EDDM tool is a valuable addition to any targeted marketing campaign.

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You can benefit from your location by promoting your business with an EDDM campaign.

In case your business is local, choosing an EDDM campaign to promote your products or services is simply very practical and effective. A local dry cleaning or auto repair shop can benefit greatly from targeted postcards. Proximity and convenience are big factors in the buying decisions of many consumers. When you use a targeted local campaign, people in the area will hear about your business and will easily visit your location to benefit from your special offers or promotions.

So it’s a good idea not to underestimate the “neighborhood” feeling. Consider it a valuable opportunity to take advantage of your location with the capabilities that EDDM provides in this respect.

#3 Are you looking for a high return on investment?

Naturally, if your business is just taking its first steps, every investment you make matters. That’s why it’s important to make wise marketing choices. At this stage, investments should be both financially sound and proven to be effective, so they can bring you the customers you need.

An EDDM campaign offers a high return on your investment.

EDDM offers a great solution to this problem. Printing postcards and distributing them locally results in a great return on your initial investment. EDDM’s highly targeted focus on local communities means that you can reach out to a specific area in which you would like to boost your visibility and clientele. The response that EDDM generates can be higher because you have the ability to select specific carrier routes near your location. On top of its wide reach and effectiveness, the cost of your postcards’ distribution is quite low. EDDM is about half the postage cost of standard direct mail. In this way, you can focus most of your financial resources on developing your new restaurant, parlor or shop.

Ready to get famous in the neighborhood? Make sure to check out our headline tips and get your EDDM marketing campaign started.