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Let’s say you are a local or small business owner. You need to boost sales by spreading the word about your services to a targeted local community? You are wondering if Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a suitable option?

Your business or practice will gain a huge advantage if it falls into one or more of the categories below. Read on and use the ultimate checklist to see how you can benefit from EDDM.

Your business is small and local

When you operate in a certain area only, you depend on local customers. This means they have to quickly get to know your services. What faster and more efficient way to keep them informed than through direct mail? Some of the myriad of businesses that can benefit from EDDM are restaurants, pizza parlors, ice cream shops and all kinds of food and drink establishments. The same goes for home improvement and cleaning services – why not dry cleaning too?

Let’s not forget the health and well-being sector where dental and chiropractic services, as well as beauty and spa, hair salons and massage studios, can also be advertised via EDDM. Car services, such as oil and tire change and repairs, can also be promoted in this way. Last but not least, churches and Non-profit organizations can easily spread announcements about services and initiatives thanks to EDDM.

Your Marketing efforts rely on tactical sales campaigns

gift card

If you often have sales promotions, happy hour, special offers and coupons, direct mailing is once again indispensable. Sending coupons via mail is a great way for people not only to learn about your business, but to immediately respond to your amazing offers.

Introducing new services or products

When your business is developing and you are about to offer new services or products, such as a home delivery option or a new type of ice cream with the changing of the seasons, you can use the convenience of EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) to inform your prospects. Whether they already know your brand or not, the information will be in their mail boxes for their consideration.

Chains and franchises

grand opening poscard

For chains and franchises, when you are opening a new location, you need to spread the word in the neighborhood. With an EDDM grand opening campaign you can select not only the area in which you want to send postcards, but also handpick the audience according to other demographic factors such as income and age.  This is something only imageMEDIA offers.

Community building and organization

community building postcard

For organizations such as churches, charities and non-profit orgs, the participation of local communities in their services and projects is imperative.. EDDM enables them to inform targeted neighborhoods to inform them about their programs and initiatives.

Seasonal business

Another case where EEDM is very suitable for promotional purposes is for seasonal businesses. Then you are truly dependent on short-term but intensive communication efforts that need to be extremely effective in order to reap the most from a certain period of time.

Event organization

event postcard

If your business is organizing a local event, no matter the type of business and the specific aims of the event, you need to reach out to the local community. Such engagement and dissemination of information is key to the success of the organization. Direct mail is a great solution for this as well because it will reach the right people you need on the spot.

With targeted mailing services, well embedded in a holistic marketing approach by imageMEDIA, your postcards and other informational materials are bound to reach the right potential audience. Every Door Direct mail can help a lot of businesses achieve their promotional and brand-awareness goals and spread the word easily and cost effectively.