Have you ever wondered what kind of creative would work best for your postcard design, business card, or any other printed product? Well,… that’s where we come in. Image Media’s self-proclaimed Masters of design. OK, so maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but, truth be told, the team here in imageMEDIA’s Full Service Design Department have been in the game for quite a while and know what it takes to make a custom design that fits your need.

We actually have a lot of options for you on our website here at imageMEDIA.com. If you’re a professional designer, you can just upload your design when you place an order. But if you’re a novice, we have a hand full of tools that make it fun and easy for you to design business cards online as well as our Design Online program, which allows you to handle postcard design. And for those of you who prefer to let professional designers handle your design, you can choose from hundreds of predesigned templates or have our full service design team come up with the best custom design for your project.

However, this blog is intended to give you a way to receive expert knowledge from our staff on what it takes to make great designs convert into great print. We know the design requirements needed to make a custom design print famously on off-set presses. For instance, while a postcard design may look great on screen, getting that postcard design to look just as good in print can be a challenge for a lot of professional designers. The quality of your print can be affected by a lot of different variables, including color mode, dots per inch (DPI), document settings, and a host of other things. So, our purpose on this blog is to give you creative geniuses a knowledge base to make sure your amazing postcard design, business card design, or any other custom design you create to look great on-screen, reproduce flawlessly on paper.

So hit us up on this blog and unload your most thought provoking questions related to design services and printing and I’m sure one of our professional designers can help shed some light on the subject of good design practices. HELP US HELP YOU! We’re looking forward to the challenge!