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As Christmas closes in on us, we can almost hear the bearded old man’s footsteps on our roof, with a bag of gifts over his shoulder. And being who he is, Santa has a special gift for each one of us, according to our needs and likes.

But let’s imagine for a second that Santa has had enough of all the flying around, beard all frozen and cheeks all red. Instead, this year Santa decided to use Direct Mail from the comfort of his Laplandian estate as a way to express his benevolence and appreciation to each of us. Now, the natural question which follows is: if Santa sent you Direct Mail, what would it be?


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If Santa sent you Direct Mail, it would be personal. After all, Santa is quite informed about all of us – what we do and where we live. You’d suspect he was a former secret agent, so well informed is he. He also knows our ages, backgrounds and interests and his gifts are therefore always tailored to meet our needs.

Santa is personal because personal is what we appreciate. Instead of a single solution, a single gift with only one type of wrapping for us all, his Direct Mail would makes us feel like it’s specifically for us. Santa knows his demographic data well.


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If Santa sent you Direct Mail he’d make it creative. His elves or gnomes would sit down and create a colorful and attractive design, something to surprise us. Like, for example, a folding brochure for a free training at a gym or a discount. When folded it would depict biceps in dire need of exercise.

When unfolded, the biceps would be well-formed and flexed. And Santa would know (see above) that you’ve been thinking about working out for a while but never have the time to find a good local gym.

Engaging and Timely

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If Santa sent you Direct Mail it wouldn’t leave you cold though it would come from Lapland. You’d be interested in what it has to offer, since it would be both personal and creative. He’d send you a brochure about the restaurant that just opened around the corner and would suggest you go visit.

His brochure would feature engaging content and an offer you couldn’t refuse. Such as to bring the coupon and try out one of the house’s specialties for free or receive a 20% discount. It would probably also feature a Call to Action so as to make you think twice before discarding the Direct Mail. Such as a deadline for the offer and the unique selling proposition which distinguishes this offer from any other you may receive.

Follow up

If Santa sent you Direct Mail he’d follow up with another one and ask you whether you liked or considered what he had offered you. He wouldn’t leave things with only one mail – that’s just bad manners. Did you like the carpet cleaning service? Did they do a good job? Would you consider it again? He’d want to know. After all, that’s his job.

He’d ask you for feedback, make you another offer or remind you of the previous one. And as a whole, show that he’s not less interested in you, your needs and comfort than in offering you solutions to them. Though Santa knows a lot, he’s not perfect, so he’d inquire whether you’re happy with what you got.

Finally, he’d also suggest you go visit the company’s website or social media account so as to be up to date with the latest developments and promotions. He’d provide you with various channels and options from which to choose.

Let Us Help You With Your Direct Mail Campaign

But Santa’s old-fashioned, he’d never send you Direct Mail. Instead, we can do that for you this Christmas. We can design your mail, offer you a variety of products, create mailing lists for you and target your audience very specifically. In a personal, creative, engaging and timely manner. We will print, mail and track the mail. And then we will analyze and report the results to you.