Direct Mail is the most efficient way to reach your target market.

Direct Mail is the fastest and most efficient way to boost awareness of your business in a targeted way. Investing in, creating and distributing successful Direct Mail campaigns will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your lead generation efforts.

However, to truly optimize the outcome of your promotional activities via the customer’s mailbox, you might also consider investing in some additional lead nurturing initiatives, which will build a strong foundation for long-lasting customer relationships. Simply integrate Direct Mail into the overall marketing mix of your company to take advantage of its full potential. How will it fit exactly? First and foremost:

Direct Mail is an Efficient Way to Introduce Yourself

Setting itself apart from disruptive telemarketing, where you interrupt people and require them to talk back to you, Direct Mail is a much more “gentle” tactic to say “hello” to a new segment of potential customers. Additionally, by sending your promotional material through the mailbox you leave it up to them to decide if and when they want to interact with your business. They will appreciate this respectful approach.

If you’ve worked hard on the quality of the mailing‘s content, design, incentives, etc., you will set yourself up for an amazing opportunity to acquire new customers and attract attention to your business. However, your company’s overall marketing goals probably stretch much further beyond the first contact with customers. So the question arises: How do you increase the chances of your Direct Mail material recipients eventually becoming loyal customers? Here is one possibility:

Motivate Recipients to Further Interact with you Online

Social Internet Marketing to Target Engage and Convert The potential of online marketing to further engage with your audience is unnecessary to be discussed. Building an online community from scratch, however, is often a costly, time-consuming process, not to mention the number of other companies that are also competing for your customers’ attention. Nevertheless, adding a reference to your online presence in your Direct Mail materials can be a very successful tactic, benefiting both you and the recipient. How come?

The opportunity to target a specific audience, combined with the probability of recipients actually responding to your Direct Mail message, is way more efficient than, say, investing in social media ads to which people are already immune. Furthermore, providing your customers with a quick option to “check you out” online will always have a positive effect on your business-customer relationship. This is especially true for businesses in the service industry that will profit from building trust with their customers. Of course, as with any other element on your Direct Mail item, you have to act smart:

QRCodeExampleWhen adding a reference to an online channel, always keep in mind to:

  • Add a short URL, leading to a personalized Landing Page, corresponding to the current campaign. Alternatively, include the same URL in a QR code.
  • Add a specific Call-to-Action, notifying the reader what to expect when visiting t he URL/scanning the code.


How to motivate your Direct Mail recipients to establish a long-term relationship with you:

famous-internet-marketing-quotes-060Customer Relationships Are Key to Your Marketing Strategy

1. Encourage them to read reviews about your services

It’s proven that today’s savvy consumer would rather trust peer recommendations and reviews more than any type of self-promotional business statement. So if you have managed to build a positive reputation around your services online, make sure to guide your Direct Mail recipients to discover it, too. You can, for example, add a link to your Facebook Page’s “Posts by others” Tab.

2. Become a source of valuable knowledge and inspiration

Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise to the general public. Of course, it depends on the nature of your business, but if you are creative enough – you can always find a way to write about relevant subject matters. For example, if you own a restaurant, why not share some advice on healthy eating? If you’re a dentist, you could share your wisdom in a “Healthy Teeth: Tips & Tricks” post. Blogging is a very time-consuming commitment, but the investment eventually pays back. This is especially true if you use the blog as the focal point for an online community.

3. Show the human face behind your brand/business on social media

When encouraging people to follow you on social media as part of a Direct Mail campaign, make sure to attach an incentive to your message. This can take the form of an invitation to take part in a Facebook contest, an encouragement from a local gym that is curating remarkable weight loss stories online, or a discount for a local fashion shop in exchange for tagging their products on Instagram. The possibilities are endless.

As we discussed earlier this month, Direct Mail is indisputably prospering in our online era. Even as a standalone marketing discipline, this type of promotion can be extremely valuable for generating new customers. In order to retain those customers in the long run and eventually gain some ambassadors for your business, however, you surely need to synthesize your Direct Mail activities with other dimensions of your marketing mix, such as Online Marketing.