Every Door Direct Mail Specification Update

The United States Postal Service has implemented three significant changes to the every door direct mail program that will change the way that these mailers are sent.

  1. The most important change to the EDDM by the USPS is the size and weight requirements. While most of us would believe that the USPS would want the every door direct mail to be as small as possible. The USPS has very stringent rules on what size your EDDM mailers must be. Since the program started on January 2, 2011, EDDM mail had to be wider than 6.125 inches. That requirement has not changed. What has changed is that the every door direct mail program has allowed the shrinkage of the height requirement to 10.5 inches.
    • New Definition:
      More than 10½ inches in length,
      or more than 6 inches in height,
      or more than ¼ inch thick

    • Old Definition:
      More than 11½ inches in length,
      or more than 6 inches in height,
      or more than ¼ inch thick

  2. The second change to the EDDM program allows a new type of client to use this service. Businesses that sell to other businesses may now use this service on mail routes that contain only business addresses. If your company sells products to other businesses, look for these routes and target them with your every door direct mailings. If you need expert advice, then we will be glad to discuss the options with you. We will also gladly help you locate affected routes that can be targeted for your mailings. 

  3. The third change is New Required Markings – Standard Mail Simplified Address mail pieces being entered as flats and that are greater than 10½ inches and up to and including 11½ inches in length (minimum height of 3½ inches) submitted at a BMEU must also include an “EDDM” marking directly after the ECRWSS marking on the label.

The USPS continues to relax Every Door Direct Mail specifications, so check back here to read up on exciting new EDDM updates. As always, be sure to check out our Every Door Direct Mail page for pricing, benefits, samples, and more information.