12 Creative Bookmarks Designs

A bookmark is a thin marker, commonly made of paper or card, used to keep the reader’s place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease. Although they are often over looked as a valuable marketing tool, bookmarks are highly effective in gardening brand visibility. Bookmarks are often kept by their recipients … Continued

Spring Business Card Campaign Coming Soon!

We are preparing a sweet deal for you! I wasn’t supposed to release this just yet, but today we are making the final touches on one of our new campaigns for business card printing. I was too excited to keep sitting on this until it goes out, so I decided to spill some beans… Look … Continued

New Site Feature: Free File Check and Free Project Review

We have listened! A much customer-requested feature, free file check, has been launched today. What does this mean? Good news for you, more work for us! You can now send your files to our prepress department and they will check if they meet our requirements. For FREE! Requesting a free file check is easy, just … Continued

How Do I Prepare My File to Get the Best Colors Printed on Paper?

Question from imageMEDIA Customer… Every person ’s largest question in the printing/design world is “HOW DO I PREPARE MY FILE TO GET THE BEST COLORS PRINTED ON PAPER?”. I know from experience that imageMEDIA’s printing capabilities are spot on but a few tips to help prepare my file would be appreciated. I have heard about … Continued