Direct Mail Headlines That Shine

You have a great idea and a cool product. Your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign is poised to send your sales rocketing through the sky. Now it’s time to revisit your headline, arguably the single most important element in your EDDM campaign. Your headline has one single goal: entice the recipient to read on, … Continued

QR Codes Are Dead. Long Live QR Codes!

Many were quick to judge last year and announced the horrible fate of QR codes – oblivion. Then again, it seems that QR codes are certainly not dead. More and more marketers start to see value in them – once more. In fact, QR holds great potential for bridging the gap between print and mobile … Continued

Action Plan for an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Achieving a successful outcome for your Direct Mail campaigns requires patience, time and dedication. Most importantly – it demands careful planning in advance. As an ultimate starting point – you need to develop a clear strategy of why, how, and to whom, you are distributing your materials. Hence we have prepared a 5-Step action plan … Continued

3 Tips to Capitalize on Valentine’s Day

As we are slowly enter 2014, it’s time to start planning how to best exploit business opportunities offered by upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are well behind us, which means it’s a good idea to focus on those upcoming celebrations that hold great potential to boost your sales. The next holiday looming is the day of … Continued

Is EDDM Suitable for Your Business? The Ultimate Checklist

Let’s say you are a local or small business owner. You need to boost sales by spreading the word about your services to a targeted local community? You are wondering if Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a suitable option? Your business or practice will gain a huge advantage if it falls into one or … Continued

Every Door Direct Mail Specifications Update

The United States Postal Service has implemented three significant changes to the every door direct mail program that will change the way that these mailers are sent. The most important change to the EDDM by the USPS is the size and weight requirements. While most of us would believe that the USPS would want the … Continued

No More Mailing Lists with Every Door Direct Mail

With Every Door Direct Mail, there’s no need to buy costly mailing lists. The USPS will allow you to select your target customers using their innovative map tool and give you the route information free of charge. Your EDDM mailings will be printed to “Postal Customer” and sent to the postal routes of your choice. … Continued

12 Creative Bookmarks Designs

A bookmark is a thin marker, commonly made of paper or card, used to keep the reader’s place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease. Although they are often over looked as a valuable marketing tool, bookmarks are highly effective in gardening brand visibility. Bookmarks are often kept by their recipients … Continued