Free Business Card Designer – New & Improved!

We are always working hard to create new tools and improve the existing ones. Based on the feedback from customers like you, we have made several improvements to the the imageMEDIA free Online Business Card Designer. The Business Card Designer already offered many great features such as: Many preset color themes, font & layout schemes … Continued

New Site Feature: Direct Mail ROI Calculator

imageMEDIA ROI Calculator Overview imageMEDIA is pleased to announce the introduction of a new tool designed to assist in the planning and modeling of direct mailing campaigns. The imageMEDIA Return on Investment Calculator, ROI Calculator, enables you to quickly choose from a list of available mailable products, set campaign assumptions and see both quantitatively and … Continued

New Site Feature: Free File Check and Free Project Review

We have listened! A much customer-requested feature, free file check, has been launched today. What does this mean? Good news for you, more work for us! You can now send your files to our prepress department and they will check if they meet our requirements. For FREE! Requesting a free file check is easy, just … Continued

New Site Feature: Enhanced Turnaround Options

imageMEDIA began the week by improving the ordering process to give you additional turnaround options. This discussion will skip the business implications of this change for you and us (better left to others who have yet to blog), but will instead focus on the impact this has on the web site. First, you’ll notice the … Continued

Web 2.0, RIAs and Flash tools

If you have been visiting us for awhile, you will have noticed that we have been regularly making changes to the site.  Recently, more and more of those changes have involved using the Adobe Flash Platform. Flash is a web technology that allows for RIAs – we’re geeks, so we like acronyms. An RIA is a … Continued

Welcome to the imageMEDIA IT Blog

As this seems to be the appropriate month for it, this is inaugural blog for imageMEDIA’s IT department. We are the group that provides the computing, Internet and related technical solutions and support. Many of the tools, including nearly the whole of the web site, are created in house. While much of what we create … Continued