Target, Target, Target: Using a Demographic Tool for Better Targeting

Even with the widespread use of online marketing, Direct Mail Marketing continues to be a highly influential and valuable tool for many businesses’ marketing campaigns. And there is a good reason for that. Direct Mail has existed for over 50 years and it methods evolve constantly to help businesses target their audiences better. One of … Continued

Direct Mail Headlines That Shine

You have a great idea and a cool product. Your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign is poised to send your sales rocketing through the sky. Now it’s time to revisit your headline, arguably the single most important element in your EDDM campaign. Your headline has one single goal: entice the recipient to read on, … Continued

How Does Direct Mail Fit the Integrated Marketing Mix of Your Company?

Direct Mail is the most efficient way to reach your target market. Direct Mail is the fastest and most efficient way to boost awareness of your business in a targeted way. Investing in, creating and distributing successful Direct Mail campaigns will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your lead generation efforts. However, to truly optimize the outcome of … Continued

Call to Action DOs and DON’Ts

How well is your direct mail campaign going? Read on to make sure you’re not missing something important. Yup, I just used a call to action (CTA) to steer you to information that can help your campaign’s success. CTAs are essentially a sentence or two that invite your prospective customers to take the next step. … Continued

QR Codes Are Dead. Long Live QR Codes!

Many were quick to judge last year and announced the horrible fate of QR codes – oblivion. Then again, it seems that QR codes are certainly not dead. More and more marketers start to see value in them – once more. In fact, QR holds great potential for bridging the gap between print and mobile … Continued

Why Offline Direct Mail is Prospering in an Online Era

“If 90% of consumers are online, what better place for businesses to reach and engage with them?” Many modern Marketers will firmly defend that statement, trying to convince you that offline Marketing is an old-school, unproductive discipline, doomed to extinction. To a certain extent it’s true that the vast development of digital technologies has reshaped … Continued

Action Plan for an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Achieving a successful outcome for your Direct Mail campaigns requires patience, time and dedication. Most importantly – it demands careful planning in advance. As an ultimate starting point – you need to develop a clear strategy of why, how, and to whom, you are distributing your materials. Hence we have prepared a 5-Step action plan … Continued

If Santa Sent You Direct Mail, What Would It Be?

Courtney Dirks / / CC BY-NC-SA   As Christmas closes in on us, we can almost hear the bearded old man’s footsteps on our roof, with a bag of gifts over his shoulder. And being who he is, Santa has a special gift for each one of us, according to our needs and likes. But let’s imagine for … Continued

We Made Inc. 500|5000!

You heard right!  imageMEDIA is officially one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation! Check out our press release below, and please spread the word! INC Magazine Awards imageMEDIA as one of Nation’s Fastest Growing Businesses August 20, 2013 – As a leading internet printing and direct mail marketing company, imageMEDIA has been recognized as … Continued

No More Mailing Lists with Every Door Direct Mail

With Every Door Direct Mail, there’s no need to buy costly mailing lists. The USPS will allow you to select your target customers using their innovative map tool and give you the route information free of charge. Your EDDM mailings will be printed to “Postal Customer” and sent to the postal routes of your choice. … Continued