Good CTA can boost the impact of your campaign. ----- Photograph Attribution: kev-shine / Flickr / CC BY

How well is your direct mail campaign going? Read on to make sure you’re not missing something important.

Yup, I just used a call to action (CTA) to steer you to information that can help your campaign’s success. CTAs are essentially a sentence or two that invite your prospective customers to take the next step. They are a simple tool to let your audience know what they can do immediately to benefit from your product or service in the long run.

The main goal of direct mail postcards is to inform readers about your products or promotions. But what’s even more important is that they can deliver a direct message to your customers about what they should undertake next. This will move them smoothly along the funnel stages, taking them from awareness to conversion.

But what is the key to writing effective calls to action? Below, we have compiled the most important tips on how to write great CTAs in your direct mail campaign and what to avoid along the way.


Yes, DO!

  • Use personal approach

Everybody likes being recognized as an individual – it makes them feel special and this makes for a good impression.

You can approach personalization by focusing on your customers’ particular pain points. Acknowledge the issues they have and and stress the solutions you can offer. Empathizing and showing a deep understanding of their needs is key to unlocking their sympathy for your brand and product.

  • Talk clearly
Clarity and brevity are key to the effectiveness of the CTA

Stating explicitly (and briefly) the goal of the CTA is a great rule of thumb. This is referred to as a call to action with a reason. It should give your readers a strong and clear impetus to undertake well, some action. Including a clear directive is bound to improve results in their actual engagement with your direct mail.

  • Reiterate your message

No, this is not a bad idea, despite what you may believe. It’s actually a very useful tactic, because the repetition of your CTA message is bound to make it stick in your audience’s minds. In a world with a constant and overwhelming flow of information, people can get easily distracted. Make sure they remember you.


Integrate the CTA in the general dynamics of the design

No, Don’t!

  • Make your CTA long and heavy

The whole point of a CTA is that it’s short and actionable. Precise, clear and easy to follow – this is what you’re aiming for. Writing half-page-long action plan is not going to work well in your direct mail postcard.

  • Make the CTA (almost) invisible

If you want your CTA to be noticed at all, you need to make it visually bold and strongly appealing. Carefully considering the visual appearance of your direct mail piece is crucial for its success, as we discussed earlier with the importance of images.  The right choice of placement and color scheme is critical for triggering the right customer reaction.

Now’s your chance to go back to your Direct Mail postcard design and tap into its full potential by optimizing your CTA. When you feel ready to print, explore our postcard printing options for the best solution. Get ready to meaningfully connect with your potential customers!