In today’s economy the majority are looking to stretch their marketing dollars, increase response rates, increase conversions, and in the end, increase profits! Our direct mail team takes 100’s of calls a day from hard working business owners, marketing managers, and the like, who are successful with direct mail marketing but desire even greater results…

We point our customer’s attention to three important elements that contribute to higher response rates and to the ultimate success of a direct mail campaign.

1) List

2) Design

3) Offer

This posting will provide information on the most important element, your mailing list, I will tackle the design and Offer in future postings.  The list… really can’t afford to get this one wrong. According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), your list can make up at least 40% off the success of your direct mail campaign.  That’s right 40%!  Simply put, the list you decide to mail to now will determine your response rate later.  Many of our customers ask us where and who they should target.  We always say, “the best place to start is with your current database”.  Your database is your greatest asset to increase sales and response rates.  Make sure you have a well-maintained database including up to date information such as mailing address, phone numbers, and email address but also make sure you gather as much info as you can.  The more you know about your customer the better you can connect and convert. Record data such as the date they created the account, what industry they are in, the last time they purchased, what they purchased, how much they spent, the promotion you used, etc.  Keep at it and you will soon have your finger on the pulse of your customers and a better chance to increase your response rates.

Looking for new prospects?

When targeting new prospects, it is extremely important that you target the right demographics.  Your postcard mailing can end up a flop if you don’t target the correct audience.   I recently spoke to the director of a large auto dealership who has a great deal of experience with direct mail; however, he was disappointed in his last direct mail campaign. I asked him a few questions and he quickly came to the conclusion that the list he had chosen was the culprit.  You know, It really doesn’t matter how big or colorful your postcards are, how great your product is, or how “special” your Special is, if you don’t send your marketing piece to the right audience you’re really wasting your precious marketing dollars and time.  Many of us have made this mistake and a portion of direct mail is testing and retesting but there are great tools that you can use to gather information.  Check out our “liveLIST” program that allows you to create consumer, business, or home owner mailing lists, search by geographic location, and prospects that are within a radius of your business or call our list specialist and we will help you narrow down your search to target the right prospects.  I look forward to hearing about your increase response rates… Next week will take a look at the importance of design.

Remember keep working direct mail and direct mail will work for you…