QR Codes Are Dead. Long Live QR Codes!

Many were quick to judge last year and announced the horrible fate of QR codes – oblivion. Then again, it seems that QR codes are certainly not dead. More and more marketers start to see value in them – once more. In fact, QR holds great potential for bridging the gap between print and mobile … Continued

Why Offline Direct Mail is Prospering in an Online Era

“If 90% of consumers are online, what better place for businesses to reach and engage with them?” Many modern Marketers will firmly defend that statement, trying to convince you that offline Marketing is an old-school, unproductive discipline, doomed to extinction. To a certain extent it’s true that the vast development of digital technologies has reshaped … Continued

Promoting Local Events with EDDM

Ever wondered what is the most effective way to promote your business’s local event? Wonder no more because Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can offer the solution you need. When you are organizing a local event, there are so many details to consider to ensure its success. From research, timing and logistics to partnerships and tactics, such … Continued

Action Plan for an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Achieving a successful outcome for your Direct Mail campaigns requires patience, time and dedication. Most importantly – it demands careful planning in advance. As an ultimate starting point – you need to develop a clear strategy of why, how, and to whom, you are distributing your materials. Hence we have prepared a 5-Step action plan … Continued

Why You Should Always Add a Sales Incentive in Your EDDM Postcards

Direct mail is a highly effective tool for promotion of your goods and services, but do you know what’s even better? Direct mail with sales incentives that your customers can act on immediately. A sales incentive is a great rationale for your potential customers to respond to your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). This means … Continued

3 Tips to Capitalize on Valentine’s Day

As we are slowly enter 2014, it’s time to start planning how to best exploit business opportunities offered by upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are well behind us, which means it’s a good idea to focus on those upcoming celebrations that hold great potential to boost your sales. The next holiday looming is the day of … Continued

New Year’s Resolution: How to Get Your Neighborhood to the Gym

How an effective EDDM campaign can help your business and your local clients Aerobics at the gym —— inspiredhomefitness / Flickr / CC BY The end of each year is often filled with guilt and disappointment because of the various unaccomplished plans and unrealized dreams. That’s why people tend to make New Year’s resolutions, year after … Continued