If Santa Sent You Direct Mail, What Would It Be?

Courtney Dirks / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA   As Christmas closes in on us, we can almost hear the bearded old man’s footsteps on our roof, with a bag of gifts over his shoulder. And being who he is, Santa has a special gift for each one of us, according to our needs and likes. But let’s imagine for … Continued

10 Types of Businesses That EDDM Works Best for

The ultimate purpose of Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM  is to enable small businesses to send offline advertising materials, hence increasing public awareness and establishing a stronger local brand name. As opposed to other marketing strategies, where companies are often required to purchase expensive mailing lists, EDDM allows you to target audiences via postal … Continued

Is EDDM Suitable for Your Business? The Ultimate Checklist

Let’s say you are a local or small business owner. You need to boost sales by spreading the word about your services to a targeted local community? You are wondering if Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a suitable option? Your business or practice will gain a huge advantage if it falls into one or … Continued