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The ultimate purpose of Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM  is to enable small businesses to send offline advertising materials, hence increasing public awareness and establishing a stronger local brand name. As opposed to other marketing strategies, where companies are often required to purchase expensive mailing lists, EDDM allows you to target audiences via postal codes without having to use specific mail addresses and for half the postage costs! Sending marketing messages directly into consumers’ mailboxes, without having to purchase mailing lists, is indeed a great opportunity for a wide range of companies.

Here we have listed 10 different businesses that can benefit greatly from investing in EDDM:

Restaurants (Pizzerias, Ice Cream Stores, Franchises)

Even in sparsely populated cities, the chances are that any restaurant or pizzeria will face competition from at least 5 others. Having a better location undoubtedly lends a cutting advantage. Yet, sometimes, relying solely on location is insufficient to ensure a high influx of people. Restaurant owners need to “shout out” to get public exposure and remind local audiences of their existence. The cheapest and most efficient way to achieve that goal is by means of EDDM. More specifically, sending out postcards to the local neighborhood, with appetite-provoking visuals and incentives (coupons) attached, will undoubtedly help restaurateurs in their “fight” for customers.

Home Improvement (Carpet Cleaning, Home Cleaning)

EDDM works well for home improvement businesses as well. People tend to ignore not so urgent needs like, for example, carpet cleaning. Many housewives may be secretly sick and tired of spending time on cleaning the house but don’t do anything about it. A simple postcard detailing home improvement business services can have miraculous results. Not only does it remind people about needs they’ve ignored for too long; it also has the potential to stir housewives to action and consider something they had not previously considered, such as using cleaning services.


Even though it’s hard to associate doctors with businesses, the reality is that dentists face some stiff competition for patients. To gain that necessary initial loyal customer base, they need to work on promoting their services/clinic too. Once again, EDDM works well in that direction. It allows dentists to send brochures or postcards with discounts that might influence the choices of people in the local neighborhood such as FREE Whiting or FREE Sonicare.  Also offering Flexible financing or insurance options is a great way to get responses also. Additionally, it might also help to increase existing patients’ loyalty by sending some appreciation, in the form of, for example, a New Year’s calendar.

EDDM can help Hair Salons gain some exposure.
EDDM works well for Hair Salons. ----- Image Source: Black Girl Long Hair

Beauty and Spa (Hair Salons, Massage Studios)

Similar to restaurants, businesses in the beauty and spa sector often face severe competition and, as a result, struggle to attract enough customers. EDDM can help them stoke interest. Sending branded brochures with some kind of discount will definitely help stir local curiosity about their services.

Dry Cleaners

When having to bring clothes to the local dry cleaners, most people will usually choose the closest place available – unless they have been encouraged in advance to go to some particular company. In that sense, EDDM can enable local dry cleaners to send out some promotional material together with some coupons.

Automotive (Tire Shops, Oil Change, Auto Repair)

EDDM also works best for any kind of businesses in the automotive sector. There are a lot of smart strategies that can be achieved: from sending out direct mail with catalogs of services to simple postcards reminding people that it’s time to change their tires. No matter the strategy, EDDM remains the cheapest way to advertise even not so “shiny” businesses like those in the automotive industry.

Tax (Seasonal)

EDDM can help tax businesses target an optimal amount of customers. Image source: By The Book Taxes

Seasonal businesses, like those dealing with taxes, often have a very short span of interest. In those cases, it’s essential that they optimize their communication efforts and attract as many people as possible. EDDM helps them to achieve that goal: reaching out to a large number of potential customers, in a tangible way, with the greatest time efficiency.


Not so well-known services, like chiropractic, have a great chance to gain some popularity by distributing materials via direct mail too. As mentioned before, often people need to be reminded about, or introduced to, certain services before actually deciding to obtain them.

Non-profits (Churches)

Non-profit organizations, as well as churches, might not fully fit into the category of other standard types of businesses. However, their need to highlight upcoming events and initiatives defines them as suitable candidates for EDDM activities too.  EDDM can be done with postage as low as .079 per piece!

EDDM can help local gyms attract more customers ------ torontodvhotel / Flickr / CC BY

Gyms and fitness

More often than not, there will be at least 2 gyms in the range of any neighborhood. How do their owners attract new customers? A successful strategy would be to send out offers of a “first-time workout for free”. That can be easily achieved by means of EDDM. What is more, gyms can also send out custom-designed invitations to some special events, dance classes, etc.

If you want to experience the numerous benefits of EDDM for your own business, do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer direct mail marketing services for postcards, brochures and other direct mail products. In addition, if you are short on design ideas, don’t panic – our graphic design department can do the work for you!