Thinking about direct mail advertising?  If your like most owners or those in charge of marketing, you have more than enough on your mind…

Here is a quick guide to help you think about and launch a successful direct mail campaign.

1) Determine your direct mail campaign objective
Before you Start, Ask yourself. “What am I trying to accomplish with this campaign?” Without a clear and concise objective or plan it is impossible to determine your actual success.

2) Make a great offer and include a Call-to-Action
Offers are essential to a successful campaign. The offer and call-to-action are considered almost as important as the audience or leads you are selling to.

3) Choose the right product
Direct Mail Postcards are very cost effective and offer a high response rate. Look for a good price and expect full Color (4/4 both sides), glossy, thick card stock, and multiple size options. Check out postcard printing at Also note that Brochures can be sent as a self-mailer.

4) Give multiple was to respond
Give your customers multiple ways to contact you not only generates more responses, it also shows a concern for your clients and their preferred method of communication.

5) Choose the right list / Know your Audience
Whether you serve all households or business in an area or you serve a more specific market, an effective campaign targets those consumers or businesses that are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

6) Testimonials are powerful
Nothing is stronger than good references. When your message comes from customers it has greater influence due to their objectivity and independence from your organization

7) Test, Test, Test
One of the best ways to increase response is by testing three elements of your campaign, one at a time – the headline or opening sentence, the offer, and the pricing.

8.) Manage your expectations
It is important to have realistic expectations in regard to your campaign response rate. The average response rate for direct mail is between 1-2%. Note: You can also look to boost your response rate through Variable Data Printing.

9) Call to follow up
Calling prospects is a great way to quickly establish a relationship after your campaign has taken place.

10) Track results and calculate ROI.
The most successful direct programs build on past success by tracking results of each campaign. Use imageMEDIA’s direct mail ROI Calculator to quickly determine your success

I hope this helps and remember, Keep working Direct Mail and Direct Mail will work for you…