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Mortgage Postcard Printing – Mortgage Postcard Templates and Direct Mail

Mortgage postcards are a great tool to help maket in the mortgage business. As volatile as the mortgage and real estate industry is these days, information is constantly changing. The market is up; the market is down; yesterday was a buyer’s market; today, it’s a seller’s market. And with all of the confusion with interest only payments, ARMS and other financial terminology that home buyers don’t fully understand, it’s no wonder we’re finding ourselves at the highest foreclosure rate we’ve ever seen.

Bottom line is, home owners, sellers and buyers are in panic mode and need qualified professionals in the industry to keep them in the know. They’ve been misinformed into bad decisions that are now costing them their homes, but, there’s always a way out that will keep a roof over your head. But if they’re not searching for the answers or don’t know where to find them, they’ll never know.

If you’re a Mortgage Broker, this phenomenon is an open door of opportunity for you to step in and save the day. With insider knowledge on low rate mortgages, debt consolidation loans, and re-fi opportunities, you’re exactly what people need to reestablish the security of home ownership.

This is where the strategic use of Mortgage Postcards comes in. Following are a couple of tips on how you as a Mortgage Broker can capitalize in this market using Mortgage Postcards while actually providing a very valuable public service.

Offers to Lower Payments – as a Mortgage Broker, you’re well aware that public records can give us access to the purchase price, date, address and purchaser name for every real estate transaction recorded. By utilizing this “individual” information, you can cater a marketing campaign that’s customized for each recipient using their current information. You can also estimate an approximate cost for home owners insurance to determine what their monthly mortgage payment might be. With information this specific, you now have a very good understanding of how you may be able to assist these potential clients. And to get the information to them, you can use a Mortgage Postcard as part of a direct mail marketing campaign that reads like this:

Jane Smith. How would you like to lower your monthly payment by 25%.
Your current mortgage for 1234 Anywhere St is $1,600. We can save you $400 per month with our low interest rate re-financing opportunities. That’s $4,800 per year! Call today!

This would obviously appeal to just about anyone. Who doesn’t want to save on their mortgage payment?

Another example of how to use Mortgage Postcards would be to provide a consolidation loan to help elevate multiple credit card balances and loans. This real estate postcard would read like this:

Tired of paying high interest rates on credit cards, car loans, and house payments?
Consolidate your debt and save BIG! Cut your payment in half with our low rate debt consolidation loan and keep your hard earned money in the bank!

The opportunities are endless for the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. It’s time to tap in, before the market taps out. Take advantage of these times while providing a service that’s much needed in this economy.

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